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Glacierfire is the brain child of three entrepreneurs, Priyesh, Marco and Arnar.

This is the story of a Ugandan, a South African and a Viking, who decided to share the beauty of mystical Iceland with the world.

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Icelandic Fusion Street Food

Re-engineered around epic cullinary journey of french fries and Glacierfire premium luxurious drinks!

Meandering Tranquille Music Meditation

Sit back, relax and enjoy some great food under directional sound domes playing expansive stunning Icelandic landscape music.

Bionic Fast Casual Dining

From our Robotic bar man, to our self ordering kiosks, ICE+FRIES is an epic experience for the adventurous.

Free Food for Instagrammers

Foodies, explorers and travellers with over 100,000 followers eat and drink free at ICE+FRIES!

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Set in the heart of the arctic capital of Iceland.

Mon – Sun: 11am – 11pm
(1am Weekends)



In the heart of the idyllic capital of sunny Portugal.

Dec 2020



An Icelandic romance in the capital of France.

Dec 2021

Order your epic drink & fries, sit back and immerse in the tranquillity of Iceland.

A sensory journey of human connection through sight, sound, taste, touch and emotion.

Casual Fast Dining

Immerse your self in stunning icebergs, erupting volcanoes and spouting geysers.

Self-ordering food kiosks and an automated experience.

Some of the most iconic and epic cullinary creations, enjoyed through heart warming fries.

Thousands of cocktails and Glacierfire drinks combinations thanks to our robotic bar men called "Tipsy Floki" & "Ragnar".

Ice+Fries by Glacierfire

We Are Artisans

“Beautiful, luxurious hand-crafted french fries with mouth watering drinks. Casual food for anytime of the day!”

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An excquisite menu of cullinary adventure.

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Icelandic Street Food

Epic gourmet fries by #Glacierfire from the land of ice and fire!

Select Your Playlist

Click to chose your own unqiue soundtrack under the sound dome from our 3 playlists to match your mood.
ICE (Tranquil, Atmospheric, Medidative, Stunning, Dreamy)
FIRE (Gentle, Upbeat, Lounge, Folk)
VOLCANO (Expressive, Modern, Rhythm, Groove, Happy)

* The finest Icelandic and Scandinavian music from local artists and composers.
Bionic Robot

Bionic Drinks

Customised or order our epic cocktails, mocktails, beer or wine!
You can order our preset recipes from the robot at the "Food Ordering Kiosk". If you want to make your own unqiue customised drink, use the "Bionic Ordering Kiosk" or download the MAKRSHAKR APP on your phone.
Bionic Robot APP

Premium Icelandic Glacial Still Water

Premium award winning Icelandic glacial still water.
UK Packaging Awards
The Dog Called CAT

Meet "CAT"!

Our resident bionic puppy powered by A.I.

Full of charm and infectious energy, he patrols the bar day and night, taking occasional naps and interacting with guests who care to give it attention

Ask "CAT" things like:
"Do you like me?"
"Shake Hands!"
"Lay Down!"
"Show Me Your Face!"
"Come To Me!"
"Go To Your Mat!"
"Good Boy / Bad Boy!"
"I Love You!"
"Show Me Your New Trick!"


Beer, IPA, Ale, Lemonade
Iceberg Graveyard

The Iceberg Graveyard

A toast to the ghosts of icebergs passed.
Did you see the Iceberg Graveyard sculptures outside the bar of Hafnartorg, Reykjavik? This is our statement piece of artwork that delivers a haunting message of man’s impact on nature.

Out of all the things humanity has created, climate change is by far the most devastating manmade reality, rendering glaciers and icebergs helpless in the face of our wrath.

The Iceberg Graveyard is a metallic structure built to mirror the striking polygons of glaciers and icebergs - the natural phenomenons that showcase mother nature’s unprecedented mastery and mystery. Gaze into the structure’s reflective surfaces, and you’ll see a decimated environment without a glacier in sight - a compromised world where our icebergs are slowly vanishing, one by painstaking one.

While we can’t fix yesterday’s mistakes, we can carve out a better future for tomorrow’s generations, raising awareness for the world’s glaciers that are slowly melting beyond repair. That’s why we built and scattered these icebergs on Hafnartorg’s parade walkway in Reyjkavik outside the bar, as part of our work of conservation.


Excquisite range of Glacierfire Black, Green and Herbal Teas

Special Brew

Cold Brew Coffees and Kombucha


Volcanic, Botanic, Fiery, Indian, Berry, Elderflower

Drone Delivery

Cold outside? Feeling lazy next time?

Order on the AHA app and get your food delivered to your backyard in Reykjavik city!
Drone Delivery APP


Watch our epic launch video!

Glacierfire is the brain child of three entrepreneurs, Priyesh, Marco and Arnar. This is the story of a Ugandan, a South African and a Viking, who decided to share the beauty of mystical Iceland with the world.
*Don't forget to pause the music on the right first.
Beer Light Lager

Volcania beer gift pack

Pack of 4 of our finest Light Lager. 5.1% Alcohol | Pure Craft Beer | Icelandic Glacial Water
International Beer Awards

Volcania lemonade gift pack

Pack of 4 of our finest sugar free lemonade.

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Bionic Take Away

Bionic Drinks

An array of products made by our two resident robots, "Tipsy Floki" and "Ragnar". Just ask the staff if you want to your bionic drink as a "Take Away"!